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Slated for May 16 2021 release, CREAK-WHOOSH (Estonian, Ingrian and Votian song re-imagined in Australia by Olev Muska and Mihkel Tartu) by Kiri-uu is a compilation of selected tracks from the debut Kiri-uu LP of 1988 and 'Tšimmairuudiralla' from Olev Muska's debut LP of 1985 'Old Estonian Waltzes'.

This re-release is the brainchild of Ziggy Devriendt, AKA Nosedrip, the DJ and visionary behind Stroom - an innovative record label, audiovisual radio station, amorphous brand and more. Hailing from Ostend, the Belgian entrepreneur specialises in overlooked music from the 1980's and '90's.

Track list:


  • Veimevaka Jagamine / Distributing The Dowry
  • Tšimmairuudiralla


  • Piirileikkilaulu / Roundelay
  • Ilu Neiu Kiigel / Pretty Girl On A Swing
  • Harjumaa Lepikud / The Alder Groves Of Harjumaa
  • Hällilaul / Lullaby
  • Meri Kiige All / The Sea Under The Swing
  • Viire Tagant Tulevad / From Beyond The Horizon
  • Kiik Tahab Kindaid / The Swing Yearns For Gifts

> The EP is being issued as a limited 500-edition vinyl run (on pre-order) and digital download on Stroom's Bandcamp site

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Front cover of Creak-whoosh


Back cover of Creak-whoosh

credits 1988 and 2021

Kiri-uu is indebted to Veljo Tormis (1930-2017), one of the most important choral composers of the 20th century in Estonia, for his extensive work in illuminating the unique character of Finno-Ugric runic song

Kiri-uu 1988 are:

  • Christine Jaques
  • Ene Juurma
  • Kaija Ann Meister
  • Ilmar Midri
  • Olev Muska
  • Juhan Palm-Peipman
  • Mihkel Tartu
  • Gunnel Silvéus
  • Ingrid Silvéus
  • Ingrid Slamer
  • Lembit Suur
  • Vivien Valk

Voices recorded at Damien Gerard Studios by Russell Pilling and Olev Salasoo

Synthesisers and samplers recorded at Olev Muska Studios by Olev Muska, Mihkel Tartu and Olev Salasoo

Mixdown at Damien Gerard Studios by Olev Muska, Olev Salasoo and Russell Pilling

Computer programming by Olev Muska

Technical support by Graham Harvey

Thanks Arno Muska for the use of your Apple II+

Re-mastered in 2020 by Olev Muska

Artwork by Victor Verhelst

Graphic Design by Nana Esi

Linernotes by Fergus Clark in Glasgow

Selection by Ziggy Devriendt

Thanks Christopher Bonato of Left Ear Records for the introduction

Thanks Olev Muska for the trust

Thanks Robert Nikolajev, Natalie Mets and Ats Luik from IDA radio

Thanks Frotee

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